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Carl Orff Canada

Message from the President of Carl Orff Canada

Here in the depths of a cold Canadian winter we joyously make music with children! 

Check this website for Orff Chapter Workshops in various locations. Meeting with other music teachers for a Saturday morning or weeknight session can help you be inspired to keep your teaching fresh and your students engaged.

Although it may seem a long way from now, summer will come and with it, Orff Certification courses across Canada. Start planning now to continue your own education through participation in an Orff Level I, II or III course. Information regarding course locations and dates can be found on the website. Check back frequently as details are updated.

If you are just visiting this website and are not yet a member of Carl Orff Canada, please consider joining this association of educators, dedicated to teaching music to children through the wonderful approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman.


Liz Kristjanson
President, Carl Orff Canada 2016-18

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