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Carl Orff Canada offers two scholarships and many chapters offer an annual scholarship. Please see below full details on our scholarships and how to apply and donate and advance our scholarships.

The Gunild Keetman Scholarship

The Gunild Keetman Scholarship was established in 1976 by Music for Children - Carl Orff Canada - Musique pour enfants, to provide annual grants to selected Canadian students or teachers for study at an approved course at a Canadian university.

Gunild Keetman's association with the Schulwerk began in 1925 when she was a student at the Güntherschule, a gymnastic and dance school in Munich, of which Carl Orff was the musical director. Equally talented in music and movement, she soon became his colleague, writing music for the Orff instrumentarium and directing the orchestra of dancers which she formed in collaboration with the brilliant dancer, Maja Lex.

Her early career was highlighted by international tours of this group, performances at the Festival of the Ninth Olympic Games in Berlin and a series of broadcasts with children in 1948 for Bavarian Radio. That same year she wrote the music for The Christmas Story, which Orff produced and broadcast on Christmas Eve.

Her work continued to evolve. In 1949 she was engaged to teach children's classes at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. This was followed by a series of Orff-Schulwerk milestones: Schott's publication of Volume I of Das Schulwerk, Musik für Kinder, Columbia/Electrola recordings of Music for Children, and the preparation of children from the Mozarteum for the first of many films to be made throughout the world. As always, she was totally involved - creating the music, coordinating the groups and conducting - always in collaboration with Carl Orff. Throughout Carl Orff's life, Gunild Keetman (1904-1990), occupied the unique position of devoted friend and colleague, dedicating her artistic integrity to him and his work.

This scholarship is named in her honour as a tribute to a selfless humanitarian and an example to those who would work in the field of elementary music education.

Criteria for Awarding Scholarships

The Gunild Keetman Scholarships are awarded in the spring of each year and are available for all approved Orff Schulwerk courses offered in Canada, summer and winter. Applicants must be members in good standing of Carl Orff Canada, who have successfully completed a Level I Orff course. Application forms are on-line and included in the January issue of Ostinato. The application deadline is April 15.

Application Forms

Click on the links below to download the interactive PDF forms. Please follow the directions for completing and submitting forms by e-mail. The deadline for submission of scholarship forms is April 15.

Scholarship Application Form
Reference Form


The Gunild Keetman Scholarship Fund relies on infusion of new capital in order to provide scholarships for study of the Orff philosophy. The scholarship fund was set up and continues to be financed entirely through donations from individual Carl Orff Canada members and from the chapters. Donations may be sent to the National Treasurer. They are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent. When making a memorial or celebratory donation, please consider the Gunild Keetman Scholarship Fund of Carl Orff Canada. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

The Carolyn McMillan Research Grant

Established in 1994, this $1000 grant is offered to encourage research relating to the application and study of Orff Schulwerk in Canada. Projects may be broad-based and may include such topics as:

• practical applications for the classroom
• the integration of the Orff approach in music therapy, private teaching, geriatrics, palliative care etc.
• pilot projects for the music education major or the practising teacher
• a descriptive and evaluative annotation of bibliographic resources on Orff philosophy and/or Orff materials

Criteria for Awarding Project Grants

Applicants must be current members of Carl Orff Canada, Canadian citizens and Level III graduates. Application deadline: June 15 of the current year.

Application Form

Click on the link below to download the PDF form.

Application Form

Chapter Scholarships

Many chapters offer an annual scholarship. Most of these honour a member of the chapter for past leadership and other contributions to that chapter. Visit your local chapter websites for application forms and deadlines.

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Alberta Chapter: Chapter President’s Award - view

Saskatchewan Orff Chapter: Carol Petrie Memorial Scholarship - view

Manitoba Orff Chapter: Helen Neufeld Memorial Scholarship - view

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Royal Conservatory of Music: Lois Birkenshaw-Fleming Scholarship - view

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